Adding Employees

Before We Begin

  • If you are setting up the system ensure there are departments and positions listed in the system. If not this can be done via the Employee set-up page.

  • When adding users please ensure the Employee ID exactly matches the Employee ID added to the data terminals.

Video Overview

Adding One Employee Screenshot Instructions

Adding Employees Screen One

Step 1: Click on Employee Manager

Step 2: Click on Employee

Step 3: Click on the + icon (this triggers the add an employee form)

Adding Employee screen two

Step 1: Employee ID

This field is very important and should be a unique identifier for each employee. If you are using the ZK devices or any other Biometric Attendance device then please ensure the Employee ID exactly matches the User ID within the device. If you are using our advanced TK or PAL Mobile Data Terminals, then all users added within the dashboard will auto sink to the device.

Step 2: Employee Name

Be consistent with employee name layout. All company admin has the option to layout employee name first name last name or last name first name. We highly suggest being consistent with the layout.

Step 3: Department

This field will show a full list of all departments created by the company admin within the system via the Employee Set-up page. HRMSAttend allows users to multi-select departments for easy grouping of employees and assigning to Data Managers. For more information on departments and how it works please visit here.

Step 4: Position

A drop-down list of all positions created by the company admin within the system via the Employee Set-up page will show on click. HRMSAttend allows users to multi-select if needed. For more information on Positions and how it works please visit here.

Step 5: Position Level

Use this field to categorize your employees as Leaders or Entry Level staff. This will help with filtering data for reporting purposes.

Step 6: Mobile Number

An updated contact number will help Data Managers to easily find contact information to reach employees for important things like an emergency change in shift etc.

Step 7: Email

The main purpose of this field is to provide employees with login access to the Employee Dashboard. Data Managers will also find the email data useful when searching for contact information to reach the employee.

Step 8: Profile Picture

When using a fingerprint Biometric system, a profile picture would only serve as a media representation of employee appearance. When using the face recognition TK Modules the profile picture is important to identify employees during the punch log. We suggest keeping this field empty then using the TK or PAL device to detect the face and capture the face to use as a profile picture.

Step 9: Password

If you desire to give employees access to the Employee Dashboard a password can be created for the employee. This can be a simple 1234. Employees can update their passwords once they are logged into the system via the My Profile Page.

Step 10: Role

The role is very important. It determines the level of access the user will have.

  • Employees have access to view their work schedule, their requested shifts, and the ability to send a shift request, as well as all, leave requests created by logged-in employees and the ability to send a leave request.

  • Data Managers will have access to employees with the same department as them, Leave Manager, Timesheet, and Schedule Manager. Permissions for each of these sections can be selected for each Data Manager.

  • Admin has full access to the system.

Step 11: Employed Date

Use the date picker to first select the year by clicking on the year. Then select the month and then the day.

Step 12: Vacation

This field determines how many vacation days an employee is allowed to take for the present year. This is not accrual for the following year. If the year is 2021 and the employee can take 7 days only within that year, then input 7 in the vacation field and the system will track days taken until the count goes down to 0.

Step 13: Save

Once you are satisfied with the content added to the form, click on the Save button to add the new employee to the system. If you change your mind about adding the employee, click the close button.

Adding Employees Bulk Method